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Compliance Edge, founded in 2011 by Toby Frisk, stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of safety and compliance consulting. Specializing in offering high-energy, dedicated consultancy services, Compliance Edge bridges the gap between complex regulatory requirements and practical, effective implementation. Despite their profound expertise and a collaborative approach with industry-leading vendors, their digital footprint was not fully capturing the essence of their mission or the breadth of their capabilities. Recognizing the need to elevate their online presence, Compliance Edge partnered with W3Inventor to undergo a digital transformation.



  • Enhancing the online representation of Compliance Edge to accurately reflect their comprehensive service offerings and deep industry knowledge.
  • Developing a platform that not only showcases their expertise but also facilitates easier engagement with potential clients across various sectors.
  • Ensuring the website serves as a hub for knowledge, showcasing their commitment to worker safety and compliance through accessible resources and information.


  • W3Inventor initiated a comprehensive redevelopment of the Compliance Edge website, focusing on a clean, professional, and accessible design that resonates with their target audience of industry professionals and partners.
  • A key feature implemented was an intuitive navigation system, designed to lead visitors effortlessly to information about services, training programs, and consulting solutions.
  • To emphasize Compliance Edge’s leadership in safety and compliance, a resource center was created, providing visitors with valuable insights, case studies, and regulatory updates.


  • The transformation of the Compliance Edge website has significantly amplified their online presence, now accurately reflecting the company’s values and expertise in safety and compliance consulting.
  • The redesigned site has enhanced user engagement, with an increase in inquiries from businesses seeking Compliance Edge’s services, thanks to the streamlined user experience and enriched content strategy.
  • The partnership with W3Inventor has not only revolutionized Compliance Edge’s digital presence but has also reinforced their position as a trusted advisor in the safety and compliance industry, helping ensure that workers return home safely every day.
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