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EPLC Paris, an avant-garde e-commerce jewelry store, was born from the shared vision of two best friends who, amidst the solitude of confinement, decided to leap into the realm of entrepreneurship. Despite their non-traditional background in jewelry or fashion, Eylyn Pedron and Lucet Clotilde embarked on this journey with a blend of audacity and creativity, aiming to create distinctive and designer pieces that resonate with individuality and boldness. Recognizing the potential to showcase their unique collection to a wider audience, EPLC Paris sought the expertise of W3Inventor to elevate their online presence.


  • Crafting an online platform that reflects EPLC Paris’s ethos of uniqueness and designer appeal, moving beyond the traditional e-commerce experience.
  • Ensuring the digital space embodies the brand’s narrative of diversity, passion, and the extraordinary within everyone, facilitating an immersive and emotionally resonant shopping experience.


  • W3Inventor initiated a comprehensive transformation, focusing on developing an elegant, responsive, and intuitive website design that captures the essence of EPLC Paris’s brand identity and appeals to a global clientele.
  • Integration of a seamless and secure shopping experience, from product selection to checkout, accentuating the exclusivity and high-quality craftsmanship of EPLC’s collections.
  • Emphasizing storytelling through the digital platform, W3Inventor created immersive product pages that not only showcase the jewelry but also narrate the inspiration behind each piece, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.


  • The revitalized website has significantly bolstered EPLC Paris’s online footprint, offering a digital venue that is both visually captivating and functionally superior.
  • The enhanced e-commerce system has redefined how EPLC Paris engages with its clientele, facilitating a smoother transaction process and elevating customer satisfaction.
  • This collaboration with W3Inventor has propelled EPLC Paris into the spotlight, establishing its dominion in the e-commerce jewelry sector and inviting customers to embrace their individuality through its unique and bold creations.
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