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Botanic Minds, led by Cécile Correa, offers transformative coaching and personal development services using ancient techniques to reprogram the subconscious mind. Cécile, a renowned transformation strategist, helps clients achieve profound personal and professional growth.


  • Creating an engaging website from scratch to establish Botanic Minds’ online presence.
  • Designing an intuitive platform that effectively communicates the services and methodologies used by Cécile Correa.
  • Integrating features for booking discovery calls and providing detailed service information.


  • Collaborated with Cécile Correa to understand her vision, techniques, and target audience.
  • Developed a visually appealing, responsive website that showcases Cécile’s expertise and transformational services.
  • Implemented easy-to-use booking features for free discovery calls, ensuring seamless client interaction.
  • Enhanced the site’s navigation and content to highlight client testimonials, service details, and the unique benefits of Cécile’s methodologies.


  • The newly launched website established Botanic Minds’ online presence, effectively showcasing Cécile Correa’s transformational coaching services.
  • Positive user feedback on the intuitive design and detailed service information led to increased client engagement and bookings.
  • The collaboration with W3Inventor positioned Botanic Minds as a leading choice for personal and professional transformation, attracting a global clientele.
Web Development By W3Inventor Botanic Minds with Cécile Correa
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