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10% commission for All referrals

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referral program

Referrals are Awesome.

here’s How It Works


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Introduce us to your referral and CC [email protected]
(If you wish, use the script provided below.)

Let us take them

Allow us to guide them through our process so they can learn and purchase from us.

we’ll send you a 10%

If they move forward, we’ll send you 10% of the revenue of the initial website build!

Why it works is a question that many people are curious about.

Here’s A Hint: People Love Us!

At W3Inventor, we love getting referrals because it allows us to focus more on doing great work and less on having to actively find new clients.

We want to continue working with amazing businesses like yours, so we’re offering an incentive for you to help us find other great companies to partner with.

When you refer people you know to us, we will design an attractive and functional website for them using a process that is both reliable and enjoyable. Your referrals will be happy with the final product, and you’ll look like a connected superhero. Win-win!

By referring someone to us, you are putting your faith in our company. We take that responsibility very seriously and will take care of them just like we would our own family–including tough love when necessary.

the right people

Who is the ideal candidate for a Referral?

Our “perfect client” is often a startup owner who has a huge ambition to grow his business. They excel at customer service and strive to be experts in their field. Plus, they love showing off their authority online!

W3inventor’s core offer is a professional website that looks great and functions even better. Add-ons include branding, SEO, Content Writing, and Software Development.

Of course, if your colleague plan on getting any of these services please let us know so that we stay in our lane!

We love working with clients who know the value of expertise, are coachable, provide excellent service, and are passionate about what they do. We only want to take on projects we’re confident we can exceed expectations on!

Do you know someone we could meet? We’d love to get to know them better.

Frequently Asked Questions


Hi [referral name],

I hope this email finds you well. W3Inventor Digital Solution is a professional web design & marketing agency in Sri Lanka. Its focus is on building high-end websites that look professional are easy to use, work amazingly on mobile devices, and deliver huge returns on investment.

Chamathka Bandara is the Project manager of W3Inventor Digital Solution.

I'm confident that Chamathka and her team can help you understand what services and strategies are needed to solve your specific company goals. I'll let you two take it from here.

If you're interested in learning more about their services, please don't hesitate to contact Chamathka at [email protected] or visit their website at Then you can schedule a call with you and discuss your needs in further detail.

Thank you for your time,
Within two weeks of your referral's full payment for their new website, you'll receive 10% of the revenue from us. You can receive payment via credit card, PayPal, or Payoneer.
We only write proposals for the 42% of prospects that come to us through referrals. We don't want to waste our time on projects we know won't have a significant impact. Some ventures look great, but others just aren't good fits for us. You'll be the first person to know if we agree upon something with the business you referred. And, likewise, if they turn out not to be a fit we'll also let you know as soon as possible so that you're not left in the dark.
Our mission is to empower the companies we work with to live in a world of abundance. We promise to educate your referral and treat their company as if it were our own. That means putting in our best efforts to deliver an amazing outcome.

Your trust is very important to us, and we only want what's best for the individuals you refer.